Small School District Council Consortium

Established in 1983, the Small School District Council Consortium is a statewide consortium of small school districts organized to implement a coordinated legislative effort by and for small school districts.
The SSDCC’s primary focus is to promote small district issues with the Florida Legislature, Statewide elected-officials and state agency leadership. SSDCC members are school districts with student populations of 24,000 students or less, and regional consortia established in the statutes. The SSDCC currently has 39 members. The SSDCC is represented in Tallahassee by the Governmental Relations firm of Robert P. Jones & Associates. Chris Doolin is the lobbyist that represents the SSDCC in Tallahassee


The State Budget for 24-25 is signed, sealed and delivered.

Governor Ron DeSantis has signed the 2024-25 budget (HB 5001) and released his list of line-item vetoes totaling $949,611,399. 

Here are links to documents for you to dig deeper into what made and what didn’t.  

Copy of Appropriations Bill – Prior to Vetoes –
General Appropriations Bill – 24-25 – Pre-Veto

2024 Budget Veto List –
Veto List of 2024-25 Budget items

Governor’s Transmittal Letter –
2024 Budget Veto Message

Pre-Veto listing of Project and Program funding –
County By County Budget Allocations in the 24-25 Budget